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Cold war with China. Implications.

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55 minutes ago, Killer Bunny said:

Deglobalisation. Higher inflation and borrowing rates. HPC, init.


Wages will have to rise to afford the cost of products made by more expensive locations.

The money will then directly cause inflation as opposed to now where China keeps it's currency low, a compatibly few rich there then send it back in the form of buying companies and property here.

Not going to be easy or comfortable but it has to happen as China is not looking to democratise and integrate itself more ongoing.

We have protests here and attack statues of people long dead due to racism that was mainstream at the time.

They have racially profiling CCTV and actual concentration camps with living people in them...right now.

People should be in the streets for Hong Kong and the Uynghars.

However just try and boycott made in China nearly impossible.


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Governments are too corrupt and greedy for Chinese money. Highly unlikely there will be anything resembling a cold war. Even if they try to speak tough words about China on the background they will try to further hook us with them.

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