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Half of Britons say the UK is a racist society


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This is a confusing stat to publish, if the number was 100% or 0% think it's a racist country what would that actually tell us?

If you think the country is racist does that make you individually less likely to be racist?

The vast majority of racism is completely unconcious, so the people who think "Well I'm not racist", are just as likely to be acting in a racist manner - perhaps not at a 'pitchforks & joining the KKK' level, but just in small things like deciding to pass over a CV if the name sounds ethnic.

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Is there racism in the UK? Yes. But how serious an issue is it really?

I'm getting the impression of a lot of fools whipped up by media frenzy and an utter inability to weigh issues sensibly, so not everything perceived as perfect gets equated at the opposite end of the spectrum.

The UK doesn't have that big a problem with racism, but it does with stupidity. And as far as bigotry goes it's largely switched from applying it to people's physical characteristics to their opinions.

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26 minutes ago, winkie said:

The problem is.....far too many people do not like other people, or other people not like themselves.....people innit......who would want to be one.?

I dated a girl of Pakistani heritage for about a year in my early twenties, she (and her GP parents) were very secular and it was no issues with them. In the english town i was living in occasionally drunken idiots would tell her to "go home" she would just shout back  "f off, whatever". However on the odd occcasion we might have stopped in a pakistani majority area, she said "no way if they see us together there will be real trouble".

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