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Stock markets recovering, but to me it feels like we are in the Wile E. Coyote running of a cliff and gravity not yet catching up phase.

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12 minutes ago, AAA said:

INTU is a recless highly leveraged company. A very good example of the worst parts of the current market. It should have been gone bankrupt long time ago. But it is still there intact hoping to get bailout from its lenders due to "market dislocation" as per their own recent RNS.

Agreed on INTU... ultimately thats the lenders decision.. Do they want a load of shopping centers now?? Put them into auction... any bidders.. anyone?... really anyone please?

Not prime assets at the moment. Risk lenders took when they made those loans although to be fair brave to predict a global pandemic. 

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My theory on this is that recoveries are always based on vast new liquidity being printed into existence; and the old malinvestments getting written off.

Of course we are not meant to know this, as that is how the bankers get their dabs on new cash. They don't need to do real work.

Last time round in 2008/9 it was blatant grab, with printing to support the banks.

This time round they couldn't get away with the tactics from last time (they'd be riots) and so COVID provided the perfect excuse for a backdoor bailout.

Business has now cut costs snd I expect there will be a recovery now.


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42 minutes ago, msi said:

We're into Rich mans Socialism - all great until you run out of Tax Payers money

Steal from the unborn in taxes to service the rich`s investments on money they don`t really need. 

day light robbery and no one says a word. i give up. 

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11 hours ago, Mikhail Liebenstein said:

Business has now cut costs snd I expect there will be a recovery now.


Biggest recession since 1930s... with no slashing of borrowing rates.

On verra.

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People see it going up and put more of their earned and not worked for money into it......so pushes the prices up.......see it going up less likely to take it out, will see when and how easy and fast to take it out.....things happen fast, nano seconds.?

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