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... refusing to join the massed ranks of  Pharisees (c'mon, did you really expect anything else from me?).

It's not that I don't appreciate what carers are doing - I am one for heaven's sake, and I don't get paid for it either - I just actually believe that nurse who was breaking her heart and pleading with us all to observe the lockdown, actually meant it and would appreciate a lighter workload, with time and resources to protect herself, rather than this weekly competitive sport of trying to out-do each other at virtue signalling (eg, drumming naked).

A couple of days ago my road was lined with cars: somebody was holding a wake, wait for it, for an elderly relative who had died, unable to catch enough breath (sounds like covid to me). This was in full view of our local law-and-order busy-body, otherwise known as the Neighbourhood watch leader. Both out this evening, doing the old "clap for carers".

Why do people think it's better to be seen displaying a moral code rather than actually following one?

It's not the first time I've felt at odds with a supposed groundswell of emotive behaviour. The death of Lady Di for instance. All those bouquets from people who bought all the papers who paid the paps to hound her ...

Sometimes I think I'd feel more a part of scoiety if I were a simple ol' psycopath ...




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