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Looking at the Forex diary for this week and looks like Nationwide have data out this coming Thursday, first time I have seen them give a - 1% fall, so could be far bigger. 

I just have a feeling, I know most sellers are delusional and greedy, bit there a sizeable minority who are not and are realistic, taking a 10% haircut now is better than a 30% one next year 

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I have a suspicion that any purchases happening right now are ones which were agreed pre-lockdown and where the seller still believes everything is hunky dory.

So volumes will be down, prices may, like roadrunner having gone over a cliff, still be in a temporary limbo that follows previous trends, before the new direction kicks in.

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4 minutes ago, MARTINX9 said:

Don't see much evidence of rightmove falls in my area - lots of relistings at the same old crazy prices for now.

Maybe come winter it might be different.

I know it's early days and the indicies don't really matter all that much just yet, but if a small sample of sales start showing falls in prices then that will pri ck up the ears of those that worry about their little over priced house falling in value and get the sentiment train moving in the negative direction  for once

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