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The Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign for renters

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The Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign for renters... don't recall it getting a mention 


and the LL's media say ...

London borough refuses to endorse ‘stop paying rent’ campaign


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Coronavirus: The shops refusing to pay their rent



,,,When it comes to the landlord-tenant relationship, there's no one size fits all model.

While the tenant may be the most visual victim of a demand for rent - that's not always the case.

Professor Andrew Baum from the University of Oxford explains that landlords are not always the more powerful party in the relationship. "The landlord of a property might be a pension fund paying the elderly, and the tenant could be a private equity-owned business," he said.

Ms Khandker agrees. "In some cases, landlords may be much smaller businesses than the tenants that occupy their premises, so the landlords may be left in a much more severe position than the tenants are," she said.

Campaigns for change

The government says it recognises the huge challenges being faced by commercial tenants and landlords during this period. "We're working closely with them to ensure they are supported and would urge landlords and tenants to follow the example of others and find solutions that work for both parties," it said.

Hospitality businesses, led by restaurateur Jonathan Downey, are running a campaign called National Time Out, calling for a nine-month rent holiday, meaning leases are extended and payments postponed to the end of the tenancy.

The retail property association Revo, in conjunction with the British Retail Consortium and the British Property Federation, would like to see a "Furloughed Space Grant Scheme", effectively calling on government to underwrite rents for stores that are closed.

Vivienne King, chief executive of Revo estimates around a third of rent was paid for the second quarter of the year.,,


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