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A job for the wife/girlfriend (OnlyFans)


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It speaks volumes that there are enough paypigs so desperate for a brief moment of online interpersonal interaction. (No offence to any paypigs here.)

It is as if our online selves have split entirely from our real life commitments. Fascinating.

4 hours ago, Ghostly said:

Not much of a market for men to do the same ?

There is if they wear a dress.

However the effort this all takes is surely underestimated. Developing enough emotional ties (however fake) that are strong enough to involve financial transactions must take a lot of time and dedication. And alas, beauty is a depreciating asset. 

See also burned out Youtubers. They have to create new content constantly and any break or slowdown results in algorithm punishment and channel subscriber death. Brutal.


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OnlyFans was born out of Instagram and Facebook banning nudity/adult content etc. its genius if you think about it and they only started in 2016.

Wish I thought of the idea...Goes to show you that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. The owner saw an opportunity and they're now one  of the hottest companies around.

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