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My Chromebook has reached end of life, apparently the updates only last for six years and now I get notifications that its no longer supported and is not getting security updates. No great problem as I don't do internet banking or even email on it, but it is of course logged into my google account. I have loved it as my coffee table machine for at home stuff,; full keyboard, boots in seconds, no hassle/maintenance etc. but now if I try to even post a comment on a youtube video the comment doesn't register. I have got various windows machines and one has a Linux Ubuntu boot but none of these aint the same ease of the chromebook. Should I get another chromebook, is this a secure OS or would I be better off with something like an android tablet with a keyboard?

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3 hours ago, sexton said:

Rescue it with  https://galliumos.org/

Unfortunately this is one of the rare ones that Gallium doesn't support for some reason. There is another option called Neverware cloudready which I think is like a live Chromebook for use on Windose and other machines but my initial investigation into that meant extra stages of applying a firmware upgrade and finding the write protect screw inside the machine. I wonder if i could get a Linux distro that live runs from SD card or USB stick.

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