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Rumsfeld Says Force Against Iran “on The Table”


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The US defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, has said that the US has not ruled out the use of military force against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

During an interview with the German financial newspaper Handelsblatt, Rumsfeld said, "All options, including the military one, are on the table." Adding, "The people of the free world must realise that they have been warned."

Rumsfeld reiterated his claims that Iran was a sponsor of terrorists groups like Hizb Allah and Hamas and that they must be prevented from developing a nuclear weapon.

source - www.shortnews.com

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Good ol uncle sam is waving his sabre again, just wait till iran starts trading oil in euros then it will only be a matter of weeks till the US invade.

Still u have to admire Iran's president for standing up to these bully tactics, luckily were not getting involved this time because its going to be one horrible sandwich with iraqis on one side and iranians on the other with a nice slice of American fat in the middle

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Defense stocks rise on '07 budget

White House asks for $439 billion next year

By August Cole, MarketWatch

Last Update: 5:26 PM ET Feb. 6, 2006 [ Page 1 | 2 ]

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SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Defense stocks traded higher Monday after the White House requested almost $440 billion for the Pentagon's budget next year, a 7% increase that makes it the centerpiece of the $2.77 trillion request sent to Congress.

Among the factors driving the increase are the tempo of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's push to transform the military from its Cold War posture to a more nimble, smaller force able to fight unconventional threats like terrorists and still be prepared for strategic rivals like China.

The defense budget request is also a 48% increase from 2001, and almost 10% higher than 2005. Meanwhile, the U.S. budget deficit will reach a record this year and the White House is proposing paring back spending on Medicare and other government programs in 2007. :ph34r:

Full article

Massive Defence budget increase

Well why spend money on Health Care at home when there's more profit to be made killing folks in their own backyards overseas.

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