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Nasa to launch first crewed mission from US in decade

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Nasa has announced that next month it will launch its first crewed mission from US soil in almost 10 years.

The rocket and the spacecraft it is carrying are due to take off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre on 27 May, taking two astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

Both the rocket and spacecraft were developed by private company SpaceX.

Nasa has been using Russian rockets for crewed flights since its space shuttle was retired in 2011.

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Let's see - based on my Kerbal Space Program experience there's a high chance of... firing stages in the wrong order, forgetting to put separators between stages (but the rockets normally blast them off with only a small chance of the whole thing exploding), buggering up the balance and aerodynamics and the whole thing flipping out of control, forgetting a heat shield, and a slight chance of having to get out and push using backpack thrusters in order to deorbit at the end.

Mind you I expect them to put a little more care into building and mission planning than I do.

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On 22/04/2020 at 06:17, Riedquat said:

Mind you I expect them to put a little more care into building and mission planning than I do.

Considering that Boeing's test flight to the ISS didn't manage to get to there and would apparently probably have burned up if they hadn't installed a last-minute software patch before re-entry... I'm not so sure you're correct.

SpaceX seem to do fine so long as they don't explode.

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SpaceX manned program hasn't exactly been trouble free in the test phase.

Mind you that's what testing is for of course.

Personally I am more looking forward to the JWST launch (just hope it works, it will be a disaster if it doesn't given the time and price) and Artemis, which will be doing something a lot difference from just ferrying stuff up and down to ISS.

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