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Is sterling vying for reserve ccy status

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I have had a bit of time to think just of late.

One thought was that the UK gov have put in place the support to businesses and individuals through furlough schemes and the such to help the UK economy and the GBP hold it's strength and to maintain a high s&p rating while watching other economies such as us head down the toilet.

Could this be an attempt by the UK gov to take over as reserve ccy? Oooh maybe. What do you think?


Oh and happy Easter everyone

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No, they are making it up as they go along, most people probably won`t get big or full payouts for any length of time IMO, the plan is to get things up and running again as quickly as possible I would think, decent sized amounts of people already don`t seem to give much of a F*uck about the "curfew" anyway, although admittedly many more people are following it, but they will get fed up by summer and get restless if there is further or more strict lock down. The new reserve currency in the UK is Andrex, accepted at most retail outlets, the dog pound and all U-bends.

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16 minutes ago, Freki said:

How much gold still in the BOE's coffers? Is the central bank only monetizing sensible assets? 

This is where some of your credibility comes from.

Beat me to it.

Good job Gordon Brown didn’t sell off our Gold reserves for $300/Oz.


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On 12/04/2020 at 02:09, dances with sheeple said:

they are making it up as they go along


15 hours ago, bear.getting.old said:

don't know how it managed to get back to €1.14


On 12/04/2020 at 19:46, reddog said:

The pound has been very low against the dollar for a few years

Reserve currency status has nothing to do with the strength of the currency. JPY is reserve

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10 hours ago, dances with sheeple said:

Now they are saying "We won`t be able to help EVERY individual and small business in the country" - surprise surprise - crash back on?

Hi, is there a link for this? Doesn't surprise me in the least, just wondering what they're now saying / back pedalling on?

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