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Mark Carney's big head: will it fit in Ottawa?

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Nice one Carney you tool.

He was jabbering on 6 years ago about how difficult it was and we had to rebuilt post the financial crisis so we could handle any other shocks.

Pr1ck did really well with that didn't he.

A one trick pony. slash rates, backstop and bail out his reckless banker mates and jabber on to the idiot media who do not challenge him.

Talk is cheap. What really annoys me is that as usual and exactly as he did in Canada, he will be gone when the wrecking effects of his ultra loose policies come home to roost as they will do here now.

George "Charlie" Osborne and CaMoron are responsible in a big way for hiring him. They wanted someone to enable their own useless low rate, bail out the feckless, bubble policies (HTB anyone).


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FTSE about to go into the red, even after these planks "emergency rate cut".

I assume they think that 0% interest rates and QE will magically rebuild the supply chains.

Perhaps if they print enough of their toilet paper it will absorb Covid-19?

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Just now, Orb said:

I suppose he can increase rates by 0.5% later this afternoon.

He clearly learnt nothing from the Feds emergency rate cut on Monday.

Emergency measures tend to scare people. When people are scared, they buy less stuff.


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