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First we had Brown the patriot, suggesting we should all fly a Union Jack from our front garden. Now we have lovable Gordon, the soft and cuddly father.

How about the BBC doing a TRUTHFUL summary of his record as Chancellor. How he sold of our gold reserves at a rock bottom price, and then bought dollars with the money at precisely the wrong time.

Or how he single handedly wrecked the UK's personal and companies pension schemes with his £5 billion a year tax raid in 1997.

What about the way he lies about his growth forecasts for the UK economy by simply moving the dates of the forecast.

Lets go back a bit further, remember that nonsense he spouted about the girl that was rejected by Cambridge University. After it all settled down his rantings were proved to be incorrect.

His ridiculous tax credits system has cost the country enormous amounts of money and has caused serious stress and debt to countless people.

Personally, I think he is rubbish, A two bob deception, a liar and a fake.

When is this country going to wake up??

Also, his ugly head is too big for his fat neck!

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can't wait to see the "makeover" in the next 12 months !

Watch the eyebrows--they will be thinned. The hair will be shorter and more swept back. He will be taught how to walk a little faster and point to people in the audience while waving (doesn't matter if he doesn't know who he is pointing at). The economy will be blamed on external factors outside his control and he will remind people how HPI has made everyone rich without having to work any harder--a true miracle economy--had it not been for those darn oil prices.

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Spot on Realist! The white shirts and pink ties will also go. White is not the best colour for a bloater like Gordon. No more 50 quid Matalan suits either.

Also, when he attends the Mansion House, you watch him stop wearing a lounge suit (wot a rebel) and wear the formal penguin attire.

Blair is, and has always been, a con man, a confidence trickster. Brown won't have to try too hard.

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