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So, I had my first 6 month inspection this morning on a property I see as my long-term home. I am utterly in love with the property which I share with my young toddler and partner, but I have been left feeling awful after the inspection. 

I have always been teased for my OCD-like cleanliness and wanting things in order and precision. 

I am very house proud and try my best to keep the house in tip-top shape considering I have a young child. 

The letting agent visited my home and immediately told me my parents car that was parked outside of my drive had to be moved and couldn’t be parked there. (Isn’t blocking any drives, if any, only mine by a small margin) as we only have another 2 neighbours and isn’t on a main road. (Basically live on land/farm type property) 

She continued with her inspection and upon leaving, with disgust she pointed to my window which had a very small sticky handprint. (super easy to clean) Being a working mother I didn’t feel the need to have the house in a show-home like state. (More fool me I suppose!) she wrote some notes and told me when she next comes back to inspect she would be keeping an eye on this particular area. Also sent an email to confirm the “state” of the window. 
I was absolutely mortified and couldn’t believe how invasive and unprofessional she had been. I totally understand if it would cause damage to the property, but I thought this was totally unfair. 

Let’s not forget - we informed the EA 3 days ago a piece of slate had fallen from our roof due to the weather which is a serious H&S hazard and had anyone been outside when this happened, could have been a serious if not fatal injury. She brushed passed this and said she’d take a picture and let the LL know. We cannot exit our property from the back or side door and this is still on-going and nobody has been in contact! Surely this is more an issue than my LO handprint on a window! 

Am I being unreasonable for feeling the way I do with regards to the “window” comment. 

Is this normal for an inspection? How strict are EA usually? 

I dont wsnt to rock rock the boat but she made me feel awful and I really want to formally complain. 

Advice wanted and welcome ☹️

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Why are you having 6 monthly inspections?  Are they written into your contract?

Inspections, where they exist, are for landlords to check the state of repair.  The other items you describe, cleanliness, car parking, etc are none of their business.  Within reason, of course.

What you are describing is not a healthy landlord/tenant relationship, and could be more accurately described as harassment.

You have 3 choices.

1.  Don’t get distressed about the inspections, shrug them off.  Put up with them as a small price to pay to live in such a great place.

2.  Move, and find a better landlord/tenant relationship.

3.  Reeducate your landlord about the limits of your relationship.

Do you have a preference?



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Sounds like the letting agent is the problem, not necessarily the landlord. Perhaps speak directly with the landlord and figure out their position- they may have absolutely no idea what is going on.

Alternatively this

16 hours ago, lastlaugh said:

1.  Don’t get distressed about the inspections, shrug them off.  Put up with them as a small price to pay to live in such a great place.

Rest easy in the knowledge that this letting agent has no real friends and the strained relationships she has with her family only exist because they are family and are obliged to maintain them.

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During the inspections in this rented house the LA has never made any comments about the state of cleanliness.

We go through the list of outstanding maintenance and I show them new things that need to be done. 

Pointing out minor quibbles (as the person who visited you) in this way is offensive. It's up to you how you live there unless you cause damage (and don't intend to put right). 

I'd complain to the owner of the EA company What I would do is that I wouldn't give the examples but say that you found the manner and politeness of the agent who visited wanting and you would like someone else next time. You would also like an assurance from the company that any minor problems will not be blown out of proportion again.

It's probably too late by now but I was wondering how you got on?

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