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The things people do when they can't sell their precious property

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Someone beats their neighbour to death because they couldn't sell their precious property.


Did they ever consider it may have been over priced?  Or were they up to their necks in debt and had to sell at some insane price?


To be honest some harmless Lib Dem councillor would be most peoples ideal neighbor, even if they were a bit messy (and obviously you would have to block out their opinions on Brexit)

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Living around hoarders can be an absolute nightmare and from the described behaviour, it sounds like this woman was a bad neighbour. After years of this ********, mixed with anti-depressants and mourning, I can see how one would snap. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often tbh.

By the by, a low carb diet can solve many mental health issues, far more successfully than these awful anti-depressants. Drug peddlers who push this garbage should be held liable for the violent results- case in point. In the US, most of the school shooters seem to be on them!

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