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Halifax Jan 2020 - +0.4% MoM, +4.1% YoY

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According to that report, house prices went up 1.5% in a month last February when there was no such Boris/Brexit whatever going on. This is the figure rounded down from 6% by the way.

There is no bounce, just randomness. Wider social factors (i.e. what is in the news) doesn't influence anything much as far as I can see. Its all about economics

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3 minutes ago, Doner Kebab said:

Thanks for posting Smiley George.

This is getting f@cking ridiculous.

Fewer and fewer sales happening in the south east so I hope a plethora of estate agents collapse. I need some joy among all this bull@hit.


My pleasure.

I feel your pain, it's ridiculous and HPI is slowly eroding the social fabric of this country. I know we all think the crash is around the corner, sadly I don't think we've ever been further away.

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2 hours ago, Smiley George said:

Bit slow today HPC!


Anyway, we might as well all pack up and go home, no HPC on the horizon everything is rosy. 

I did see this release at 0830 - just didn't find anything inspiring in it worth sharing.

New peak price by the way...

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It would be okay if the sums weren't so masive.  The amount people are expected to shell out for a first home is shocking. Any crash would be utterly life changing. But the system is also working to ensure not buying is also a dodgy idea if things do somehow continue as they are.

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I’m currently renting, have been for 10 years from a good landlord who’s given us a home without a single rent rise in all that time. As things stand I’m in a very fortunate position from a renting perspective, with house prices near me dropping each year by more than my annual rent, but even though I think house prices will drop over the long term, if our landlord was to terminate our tenancy, I feel I have no choice but to buy.

To rent an equivalent property I’d be looking at a 50% increase, the same as the monthly mortgage repayments for the same property, plus the risk of adopting some arseh0le landlord.

It’s this scenario keeping house prices at mental prices, feels like the market’s rigged, with the drip feeding of any new decent properties to the market and mortgages rates making them attainable for a household with two average incomes; what’s going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

I feel like I can only let fate decide as I haven’t got a clue where things are heading, even though logic tells me falls are a certainty. At least this way I won’t have the regret of feeling that I made a wrong decision, if that turns out to be the case.



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