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My selections:


robbed twice...no fault of my own!! 1) 1950s born lady and robbed of my state pension


2) Having a Northern Rock mortgage which was sold on to vulture funds...


Stress - every day, no good for my many health conditions! #UKmortgageprisoners



with all due respect. you have no idea "how difficult this can be" you have not lived life as a mortgage prisoner. it sucks. through absolutely NO fault of our own. more needs to be done! #ukmortgageprisoners


2 year IO loan:

How can I get out of being interest only with these new rules? We only signed in to IO for a 2 year deal, & now 12 years later still trapped, its madness to not let the IO customers switch & start repaying ??







If they want to get a lower mortgage then they need to reduce their LTV on their house by actually *paying* backing some of the debt.

If they have not got the LTV below 60% after 12 years of having a mortgage then they grossly over paid and/or should not have took on the mortgage in the first place and need to go bust.

The FCA progress on IO shows ~50% have been sorted - RIO'd, mvedto repayment.

The last 50% are going to be v painful.



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Ive been thinking about this.

My youngest was born 12y ago. I remember a mate from the pub had took on a mortgage to shack up wit hthe some mental bint from the internet.

I was talking about how much hed paid and how much his mortgage was.



I think it was pretty much 100% LTV

Thats ~10k/year interest payment alone. ~800/m

House was repod after ~3 years.


Sure, if you put ~40% down, you can fix at 2%.

But if youll struggle to remortgage with an 80% LTV or over ~5x household income.

Then its the SVR for you, which tends to be around 5-6%

Puts the large house price in context - 200k. Mortgages are now only for the top 30% of earners, which means that prices are going to have to drop, a lot, to clear.


Im also interested in what the minimum mortgage is.

Theres so much in the way of costs with mortgage applications- and rightly so. Theres no way my bank is makign much on my mortgage which is fixed sub 2% for 5 years, 2 remaining. In their case, this was a matter of getting rid of a lot Chinese savings, so they dont care too much.

For someone live CovBS and Nationwide, who appear to be struggling to raise cash at competitive lives, there is an issue.

Still, it does mean that most mortgages under 50k are going to attract a hefty lumpy fee - say ~1k.






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