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Optimism In Housing Market Soars

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Optimism in housing market soars

Confidence in the Scottish housing market is booming, according to a new economic study.

Experts at the Clydesdale Bank said optimism was at its highest level since their research began in 2001.

Latest figures showed almost 75% of people in Scotland expected to see property prices rise this year.

At the same time, the survey showed the prospect of higher council tax bills was deterring many first-time buyers from purchasing.

Yup, if it wasn't for that pesky council tax, there's loads of potential FTB'ers out there with £180k burning a hole in their pockets but they are so worried about £1k of council tax, obviously those who rent don't have to pay council tax... opps, they do!

Hrm, what else could it be, let me think, if it's not council tax maybe they're hesitant to buy because water charges have surged £30 per annum, that must be it!

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Doesn't surprise me to be honest - just another indication of how little people know about what's going on. Had a convo with an EA this evening....went something like this:

ME: So, what's your view of the housing market?

EA: Looks really good - we've been so busy since new year

ME: Really?

EA: Yup - we're overloaded with new instructions - 10 or more a week

ME: Cool. How many sales are you getting?

EA: 2 or 3 offers a week

ME: So listing 5 times as many properties as you're selling is a good market?


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