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Thank you again Ahlam. A lot to digest...

For me this is telling "MNP is a licensed insolvency trustee for bankruptcy and one of the leading Corporations in this field in Canada, it is highly professional and reputable and we invite you to visit their web site for more information.... You are also free to contact MNP with any questions or concerns you may have through the following email [email protected]"

I have not only e:mailed, but phoned and left messages. Serious doubts as to the "professionals" entrusted to sort out this mess.


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So if we just abstained from voting ,would that make it better or worse ?
كاتب المنشور
 I would assume Anthony that by not voting, they wouldn’t reach the required number of half of each LLC voting YES. Although I would not be surprised if this is a done deal, and they will forge a YES vote. Who will be there to verify the votes?
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 we are working on this. The First step we did, we asked MNP for a trade registrar certificate of "AV Corporate Services" . We want to know who the legal owners of this company are? We wrote MNP that we need to be sure about the legal background of this company, because There are ongoing compliance investigations in the UK about Citadel Trustees as well as Highpoint Trustees (and AV Corporate Services is their legacy).

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This is the continuous discussion going on in the FB group:-

Upon receipt of this e-mail, the comments have been posted below:-

Further to our recent mailing to you in respect of a request to vote as outlined below, we respectfully advise that the voting period has been extended so, if you haven’t yet voted, please do so as soon as possible.


Since the Resolution below was drafted and because of a number of Member queries, AVCS has sought clarification from MNP in respect of the powers of the Board of Inspectors over the decision-making process for the LLC’s as well as about the AVCS Fees. Please note the following: -

·         We now understand the offers (if any) would be reviewed firstly by MNP which has a duty to act in the best interest of the stakeholders, and then by AVCS, as an inspector, who will then put the offers in front of the members for another vote. If there are disagreements between the trustee/inspectors/LLC members, MNP could go to court and have the court review and decide on the most equitable outcome.

·         The fees that will be charged by AVCS will not exceed those already agreed in your original purchase agreement.


  • For those who have already voted, there is no need to vote again, your vote has been duly recorded.
  • For those of you who are in favour of this resolution and not voted as yet, please follow the instructions below.
  • For those Members who are not in favour there is NO action required, as it is automatically understood that by abstaining you will be voting against, as a proposal needs more than 50% of Members to vote in favour, for it to be passed.

We trust this extension to the voting period, and the above clarification, have assisted you in your further understanding of the reason for the MNP proposal and once voting is closed we will advise you of the results.

Yours sincerely,

For and on behalf of AV Corporate Services Ltd

Folks, I was speaking with Inge Seibel Muller in the group recently and she is of the same opinion as me. These guys will try to sell the plots for a pittance, around a few hundred dollars per acre, then the likelihood is that the same process will begin again under ‘a different’ but in essence the same company.
DO NOT give these folk the opportunity to make even more money out of us. Vote NO! Why give your land that you paid tens of thousands for, up for a few hundred dollars? Hang on to it! It may or may not become more valuable in the future if, and in my opinion, WHEN a new developer moves in to take up the reigns. 
This seems to me to have been in their plans from the start. Dont give them the satisfaction!
Guys if any of you are unsure of how to vote on the latest proposal, let me inform you that one of the trustees involved in overseeing the sale is one Peter Hutchinson. Hutchinson was head of Citadel - then renamed Highpoint - when many of us first invested. Now, as I understand it, Citadel/Highpoint were supposed to have held our funds in an escrow which is supposedly a third party entity which holds monies in trust. Our money has disappeared to the Marr brothers. This should not have happened if it was in an escrow. Let me show you how many companies Hutchinson is involved in 👇 148 and counting. We will be handing power to this man, appointed to 148 different companies in his working lifetime, to help oversee the sale of our land. Do you think this is a good idea? I certainly don’t! Just look at his country of residence - Gibraltar, tax free/low tax haven. Alarm bells should ring folks! 

I am not sure if Hutchinson has links to AVCS, maybe someone else in the know within the group can add their thoughts on this. 

If anyone needs to correct me on any of the above points, please feel free. I hope I got it right but this is what I currently understand the situation to be. 

 Peter Hutchinson is the director of Nova Scotia registered AVCS...and he resides in either Gibraltar or CdS....I obtained the documentation from the Nova Scotia Register


 thought so Gill, wasn’t 100% sure though. Hopefully some of those who are unsure of how they will vote will see this post!



 spot on Mark. As Gill has stated, Hutchinson is head of AVCS as he was head of Citadel & Highpoint /HBS. Same company different name. Citadel was also the 'Escrow' for the many Carbon Credit/ Eco & Bamboo scams currently being investigated by the FSCS.

 thanks for the confirmation Ian. Let’s hope some who have yet to cast their vote read this post!



I've not responded which is a NO vote. It's a principle matter for me no matter the final outcome.



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More threads from facebook posts:-


I voted No, and received an email inquiring what I don’t consent to.
This whole process is pretty ambiguous, we really don’t have anyone looking after our interests.
I suggest everyone emails the liquidators and provides evidence why they don't trust Hutchinson....because I suspect once any money is transferred to him he will no doubt benefit more than his 'clients'.
 what is the email address of the liquidators Gill? 




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Thank you so much to Mohammed for posting and to Mark and Ian for their incredibly sound conclusions (supported by Gill). I can honestly say I would have voted "yes" but finding this forum and other voices has been a lifesaver - whatever happens. 


Over the last few years as silence ensued from FLCC, even before Marr's exit, I found myself ringing around to establish Citadel/Highpoint's credentials. I was directed from one source to another, most of whom did not want to say much except they no longer had ties. Liquidation seemed to come up a lot...


So I'm happy to abstain, or send through a "No" vote if that is deemed more impactful? Gill's idea of emailing the liquidators to express loss of confidence in Hutchinson is great, but I don't know if I am confident with "why" enough to compose effectively. How about a single declaration we could all sign up to?




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Yet I received an email stating that the votes result were for MNP strategy which is confusing 


MNP Marketing Strategy Proposal – Voting Results
1 message


[email protected] <[email protected]> Fri, May 7, 2021 at 5:11 PM

Dear Member,


Voting was officially closed on the 16th April 2021, unfortunately there has been a slight delay in advising you in regards to the outcome of the voting as records have had to be updated due to the fact that some Members entered in to private transactions with TFDC of which we were unaware.


Therefore, we have had to verify those transactions with the bankruptcy trustee, MNP and update our LLC Member records accordingly, unfortunately this has taken some time.


As you can see not all the Delaware Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) have voted in favour of the proposed MNP Strategy. Therefore, no doubt many of you will have numerous questions in regard to how this will affect your LLC and moving forward with a recovery strategy. Unfortunately, at this point in time we are unable to offer any additional information, or clarification.


Therefore, we have duly informed MNP the results and the matter will now lie with the bankruptcy trustee to decide how it will proceed. As soon as we have an update from MNP we will advise you accordingly.


As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding in this difficult and complex situation and we remain available to assist you where we can.

Yours sincerely



For and on behalf of AV Corporate Services Ltd.

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Thank you again Mohammed for posting. I am totally confused though!! Firstly not sure I follow the communique from FB. My LLC is 4 - do you know why it's not there?

I guess the successful retrieval of an investor's money was because it was in a pension? So does not apply if ours was not?

The last link, if invested through Citadel, sounds hopeful. How are you doing with yours?

Much appreciated, Nasreen


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However, your best alternative is to attend the online meeting that AVCS sent the e-mail for :-


[email protected] <[email protected]>

AttachmentsThu, Jul 1, 4:49 PM (15 hours ago)

Dear LLC Member,


Further to numerous conversations with LLC Members, the Delaware Limited Liability Company Manager, AV Corporate Services Ltd., will be holding several online informal meetings to explain certain matters, to answer your questions and to facilitate a presentation by Herr Jammers on a possible exit route for LLC Members. Attached to this email you will find an Agenda and explanatory notes for your perusal as well as a communication from Herr Benjamin Jammers who represents one of the major non-LLC creditors.


Should you wish to attend one of these meetings, which will be held as from mid July through to mid August, we would be grateful if you can please confirm by email no later than 18.00hrs (CET) FRIDAY 9th JULY 2021. 


Once we have collated all the attendance confirmations we will then allocate Members to a specific meeting and send the corresponding Teams link through which you will be able to attend. 


We trust you will find the attached of interest and look forward to receiving confirmation that you wish to attend one of the meetings.


The Manager

AV Corporate Services Ltd.



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Thanks Mohammed. Yes, got the e:mail regarding the meeting. Will review and attend. Going back to the "LLC4" mention, it was in relation to your post on May 10th, with reference to voting in response to the MNP proposal not FSCS. All the LLCs are there except 4 and 5. So I wondered why?

You are most likely right regarding when Citadel/Highpoint became regulated as there is a possibility my Brazil investment may be considered. So once again thank you for disseminating information. You are keeping me hopeful.


Regards Nasreen

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