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Mikhail Liebenstein

Raspberry Pi versus Fortnite/FIFA

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Anyone else find their kids opportunties to learn decent tech skills are being undermined by consoles and games?

Whilst I have the console games under fairly tight control using screen time locks, I find that the instinct they have on a computer is to go for the easy visual thing, eg Youtube, games , Browsers to view Pokemon cards etc.

I have bought them Raspberry PIs (for Scratch/Python) and have forced them to use Ubuntu on the PC, which seems to be having some benefit. But I find it poor that the instinct is to hunt the browser.  I partly blame the school syllabus too, it is all MS Office and rubbish like that,

I've just built a Raspberry PI cluster, and need to thing of something cool to do with that.

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What do your kids want to do in the future, or what do they enjoy?

Forcing them down a certain route they have no or little interest in is counter productive. Just because you like playing with peograming/RPi's etc doesnt mean your kids should. 

If one has a particular favour towards animals, and potentially being a Vet, knowing how to program in Python, could be an advantage but to necessary, amd taking them to working farms that have open days might be more beneficial at this stage.

Playing games do offer and can improve important skills. Hand eye coordination, communication, working as a team to acheive a goal, resource management, prioritising tasks, spatial awareness, etc. And they will also learn advance computer skills and fault finding.

Skills like MS office are always needed.

Why not try and enter their world and embrace what they do. instead of Fortnite/games bad. 

Go into the game and play with them. Help them in creator make a death run map, or a find the button map. This will offer bonding time and they may try and listen to your ideas like playing with a Pi...

In the 90's my parents embraced my love for Doom and unreal. They helped me learn how to create my own levels and share them with friends. This taught me basic programming and spacial awareness. As technology improved and so did gaming, i wanted to create more complex levels, so i learnt CAD and programming. Not because i was forced to by stopping me doing what i enjoy, but because i wanted to and was encouraged too. Fast forward but i am now the director of my own CAD consultancy, getting work worldwide and starting out with training ideas for the under 16s and kids who have learning  disabilities. Kids really respond to learning when you include what they enjoy.

I also have a small 3D printing business consulting, selling and making everything to do with 3D printing.

how about getting a 3D printer and teaching them how to make Fortnite logos and 3D printing it. Or make a loot chest they can store their own trinkets in. 

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The kids who enjoy tinkering with things will do both. Kids have always played games on computers first and foremost if they've gone near one at all. I get paid to programme the damn things nowadays (quite hypocritical really when you think of my general stance on things) but as my avatar suggests I was mostly just interested in playing games on them when I was young. Still do a fair bit.

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Kids work the same as adults weighing up risk / investment / reward.

A business will usually go for lowest risk / investment for highest reward.

Take the understanding and purpose of money out of the equation and ad computer games, (which have very low risk and investment vs reward) and you have most children.

Teaching kids values of money and skills regardless, is first step maybe.

And / or pay them for stages of progress, and / or pretend dad lost his job (no don’t do that!).

Calling a circuit board after a tasty fruit might not be enough, even if raspberry pie sounds delicious mmmmmmm.

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