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Hold Up. Here's How We Measure It. Tcchh.

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Anyone heard of AFFordability Ind£X (AFF£X) East Midlands?

It's not bad, as spin goes. It suits the educationally sub-normal around here, anyroads.

Here's a brief excerpt from the local property pages.

"New research from the AFFordability Ind£X (AFF£X) East Midlands reveals that new homes

throughout the region became more affordable during 2005.

According to the quarterly AFF£X study, the affordability of new homes improved by 5.71% in

the final quarter od last year.

Consequently, affordability improved by 16.86% during 2005 as a whole.

'The findings of the latest study have confounded industry expectations,' says Rob Clifford,

chief executive of Derby based Mortgage Force.

blah blah etc etc, I can't be arsed to type it all out."

Can't find the article on the web, but reading it in the local rag amused me. The manipulation

of language is far from subtle, but bless 'em, it's probably the best they can do in the circumstances.

Affordability Index. How daft. It's 5 columns of pointless words that could (should) read, in inch tall letters,


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Did they include the metrics.

Yeah, simple :-

5% increase in an average dim wits £15K wage = £750 (if the not so dimwitted chancellor doesn't gets his mits on it first)

4% increase in average dim wit £150k property = £6000

Look at those two percentages, 4% is smaller than 5% right? So that's a smaller rise, geddit, so it's obviously more affordable.

The only thing I know about the East Midlands is their plans to put a giant lobster pot over the M1, apparently the area is so dull it sends people to sleep.

No doubt this will also impact the affordability index.

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It’s an eye-poppingly idiotic marketing device that allows Fairgrove Homes Ltd and mortgageforce™ Ltd to explain that black is white and up means down – but they can’t even do that right, and appear to have got themselves hopelessly confused about which way up the graph should be. :lol::lol::lol:

Apparently, at least according to their webpage, during 2004 a rise in the index implies houses are more affordable, whereas during 2005 a rise in the index means the opposite (what planet are these guys on? :unsure: ) – they obviously share a single multi-tasking brain cell that appears to have malfunctioned spectacularly.

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