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I just downloaded the actual house sale price sales for NN3, but have not put them in excel yet. Which area of Northampton are you looking at?

I think HBOS indicated Northampton was down 4% but I'm not sure of the time period, I'll have to check.


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We don't seem to get much news from Northampton. Any idea on what is happening here?

AFAIK, the county from Halifax Q4 was down 6%

Take a look at this in Rushden, one of three I think and none have them have sold, started out at £499K, now down to £389K, been on the market I think 12-15 months.


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I think prices were down 5% or so last year and from keeping my eye on the market there does seem to be a lot of property thats sticking. Though I only really look at a single area, it will be interesting to see what happens in the spring because if a lot more property comes on then there really is going to be flood and demand just doesn't seem to be there.

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I'll try and sort the Northampton house price sales data I have whilst I'm at work next week.

However, anecdotally, I have been looking at quite a few houses recently to get a perspective on NN3 and NN1 as I'm quite new to Northampton.

It appears that some really 'OK to Good' (but all the damp issues) houses (140K to 180K) have been on the market for over six months and are now on the second and even third EA company, so I think the Northampton market is stagnant or reducing in price slowly. Northampton EA have lost control of pricing and sellers have a distorted view of the value of their houses.

EA's all say that there having a really good start to the New Year, but I'm sure this is just a New Year (lets buy / sell a house) thing. Come April it will be dead again.

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From what I've seen in the NN1 area and close nearby (Abington mostly), things are very slowly moving downwards.

There's a lot For Sale, but I've also been seeing a lot of Sold signs going up since the New Year.

One place I had been watching (which is admittedly £100K above our price range, but close to our current house), had been on the market since October 2005 originally priced at £318K, reduced to £310K in Jan 2006 and now has a Sold (STC, in minute writing) sign up.

Just round the corner from this location (Cranmere Avenue, Abington), another house went on the market in early Jan, for £234K, and had a Sold (STC) sign up within 4 days! :blink:

It wasn't even For Sale long enough for Merry's to put it on their website. Part of me is hoping that the sale completes so I can check nethouseprices to see what it actually went for.

Of course, if there's no FTBs to buy at the bottom end of the chain, then they're going to stay at this stage for a while...

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