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Stevenage Prices Soaring

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HOUSE prices rose in Stevenage more than anywhere else in the country last year, according to figures published this week.
The average cost of a home in the town soared by a massive 13.5 per cent from £197,759 last January to £224,408 last month.
Prices this January alone leapt up more than £7,000, from £217,193 to £224,408, the third highest increase in the UK, according to property website Rightmove.
Many potential house-buyers may be priced out of the market.
January's price hike of 3.3 per cent in Stevenage is way above the national average of 1.4 per cent, which in itself is the strongest monthly rate growth since July 2004.
House prices rose by an average of £6,721 last year, pushing the average cost up to £158,478.
It's not bad news for Homeowners and businesses could profit from the increase.

But there is some good news:

It's a very good low-cost place to start.
It doesn't mean people will stay here, but it is a great place to start and has a lot to offer. It will be even better in the future."

Good place for FTBs then.

IN conclusion:

Estate agent Shirin Toppf, of Country Properties in High Street, Old Town, said: "It's unbelievably busy.
We've had a superb start to the year

Superb! Up up and away.

What is wrong with this picture?

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Stevenage Old Town is very beautiful, the new town is a concrete jungle - post war council overspill from London - hence many houses bought cheap, sold expensive.

Big new estate (Greate Ashby) on the outskirts - imo overly priced. Commutable to London.

Now planned to build 5000 houses on West of Stevenage/A1(m) under the Luton flight path.

I personally would not want to buy there as there is no real character in the new town ... worked there for 6 years ... but glad I could leave in the evening.

The impresion I get is it is full of geezers and birds in bling who are always looking for a deal ... perhaps the high prices are the deal they are trying to get.

Just another perspective ... interstingly, there always seems to be squillions to rent - perhaps BTL are selling them off.

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seems like a counter-productive sales pitch to me. Surely this would put FTBs especially off Stevanage - thinking they would be priced out and start looking elsewhere.

Joe Average FTB recognises that prices aren't screaming away from him/her in general. Methinks this EA is woefully behind the times, this sort of tactic only works if everyone's doing it.

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