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Shared Ownership?

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Have read of this partial thread from moneysavingexpert.com


Originally Posted by mummytofour

Some of the facts are slightly differnt from H/A to H/A.

Ours for a start will no longer give us increase in value for improvements, we have lost 10k on that.

Do you mind me asking what happened in your case?

For us the valuation put our improvements as being £25k which we expected but then it turned out that the new buyer had to buy them and they could only add half of the value to the mortgage meaning we had to find a buyer with £12.5k in savings. If there wasnt a buyer with those sort of savings we would have to have dropped our price and lose out. The HA would still wanted their equal share of the equity without improvements

"Lost 10k on that"? Bet when they signed up they never thought they'd loose out in a shared ownership deal.And the next one has made 25k worth of improvements that may normally make selling a house easier yet, due to HA ruling, it has made it more difficult to sell!! And HA still want their cut with or without improvements.

What was that book called? Oh yes, CATCH 22!

To quote a well known Catherine Tate character:

What a f*cking liberty!!

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