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First they came for the HMOs .. and i said nothing

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7 hours ago, mrtickle said:

Can we have that in Ashford, please :)


I did not see this coming.

Like most resorts Scabby suffers from the number HMOs and private rentals.

The last 40 years has seen a flow of people moving to avoid work from West Yorkshire.

The last 10 has seen quite a few Polish pile in. Last t5 huge number from the Balkans - who, unlike the Poles, are causing a lot problems.

There are many problems with HMOs - the town brought in strict licensing of HMOs intown a few years ago.

For whatever reason, theyve now gone after private rentals.

I guess the council have got fed up with LL taking in social tenants then chucking them out whe nthey complain about not having heating and the like.

Again, banks and BS should have never lent to LL as they just do not understand the risk.

Equally, amateur LL should nto have piled into IOBNTL as they also do not understand the risk.



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3 hours ago, thewig said:

Bit anti the Balkan race mate 

Not really - I'm currently working on a project there - and to say everyone is after a fast buck however they can would be an understatement.

https://balkaninsight.com/2019/04/01/bulgarias-apartmentgate-scandal-engulfs-anti-corruption-chief/ is a good example of how high and how common issues are...


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I expect the point here is that the Council can keep the fee income this generates.  They see this kind of thing as an income generator.

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We will also apply a finders fee in cases where a landlord has not applied to licence their property and have to be found by the Council.

Sounds good.

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Conditions on the license make intersting reading.

Starts with normal stuff that's the law anyway like yearly gas safety certs. Fair enough.

But then single household rental 3-monthly inspections [or HMO 1-monthly] are a requirement.

And LL is responsible for tenant not leaving rubbish in the wrong place and/or vermin infestations. Tricky [impossible] requirement so automatically most LL will have broken rules. Traditional method of the corrupt to get others over a barrel and ready for a shake down.

Gov wants a nanny state and wants your LL to take on the dranconian role of nanny.

First they came for ... is accurate but more worrying for tenants than anyone else. Added to the woes of council-mandated inspections is that no-one with a wish to allow tenants a decent level of privacy, keep all rules and leave them to quiet enjoyment of their home is going to want to be a LL. Leaving only candidates the scumbagLL and crims.


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