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Works out at just over 27, some of which have to be taken at Christmas, although there's an extra one thrown in at Christmas on top of that which doesn't count towards the annual leave (never figured out the logic there!)

Public holidays are on top of that, and we can buy another week's worth, which I always do.

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26 is normal, but obviously you also get all the Bank Holidays. Many companies also allow people to buy extra days of leave as well up to a certain number. 30+ days of leave is entirely possible.

Oh yes, I forgot that many companies also give their staff New Years Eve and any odd days around Christmas as leave as well (depending on where they fall in the week).

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If we hit targets they give us days between Xmas and NY off but it's never guaranteed. Asking around it seems some top bods get 40 basic (which is ignored and they generally take all of Dec/July/Aug + all school holidays), but no one can buy/sell their leave. 


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33 including bank holidays.  We have to take some days at Christmas.

That leaves us with just 22 days to take when we want.

When I was university staff, towards the end, the guideline amount of leave was 30 days plus bank hols, plus extra days at Christmas and three extra days at Easter.  That was more like it.

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Used to be in the thirty day club. Think that was probably back when I was working for the railways with all their old br hangover t&cs, now I’m back on the stock 25 or whatever but I manage my own diary and can “work” from home when I need to.

Also spend ~75% of my days when I’m “working” in the field by getting paid for driving around the west country listening to Neville Goddard and the like. 

I know a lot of people who also count sick days into their AL “allowance” that sort of brazen mindset kind of blows my mind but the flip side is these guys are automatically putting a ceiling on their own (otherwise infinite) potential by tinkering with such trivialities


fair play to em no skin off my nose



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Just now, Pebbles said:

We get unlimited holidays but have to take 25 plus bank holidays. In reality most people end up taking between 30 and 35 plus bank holidays and the office is very productive. More so than the 25 day offices i have worked in.


OK, now I'm envious. 

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When I last worked for someone else I got 38 minus bank holidays. As my own boss I try and match the OHs leave roughly but probably end up taking a week less. OH gets fantastic holidays, usually ends up losing some. I think it's around 36 days plus English and Irish bank holidays. Probably 46/47 days. 

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58 minutes ago, Freezer? Best place for it said:

My last job 30 + BH’s.  Usually too stupid (and busy) to take them.  Not allowed to “carry over” - but always did.

A few years back my place started to get stroppy about people carrying leave over and tried to stop it other than in whatever they decided were exceptional circumstances. And then, surprise surprise, found they had problems with there being hardly anyone in in the last week or two of the holiday year, so that daft policy has been dropped. Most people seem to like to keep a few days in hand just in case anything crops up,

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Best deal I had was when I went from full time to doing a job share, working 1 week on 1 week off... but my employer didn't reduce my AL allowance accordingly and still gave me my full, full time allocation.... worked out at 32 weeks a year off!


Got away with it for 5 years.


Which was nice.

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4 hours ago, PeanutButter said:

If you work FT, how many days leave do you receive each year?

I get 25 but recently been surprised to hear people talking about 30, 35. 

25. Can buy 10 and sell 5 on that so 20-35 depending on what I want to do. Plus public holidays ofc.


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What about sickness.......how long to get full pay, how long part pay.......what about an unpaid career break, (to travel the world or reason of choice) how long can you get to come back on same terms and conditions?.....;)

Edit to say: There are quite a number who do not take their holiday entitlement, come to the end of the qualifying year to find they still have two or three weeks they are required to take.....they love their work that much, use it or lose it.

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