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Amsterdam seeks to ban buy-to-let on newbuild homes

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Good to see Airbnb being tackled. It’s a huge problem in tourist cities, sucking up vast quantities of housing that should be available to locals.


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Its not BTL - does not exist in Nlands.

Its two things - mainly AirBNB and, much less, -older, richer (due to QE) people pouring leverage into property as an 'investment', enslaving the younger people.

AirBNB is a curse. It needs taxing a regulating out of existence.

Nlands has it bad. barcelona has it even worse, where a large number of properties have been snapped up by northern (mainly german/dutch 'investors' who are renting them out on AirBNB - doubly cursed.

European QE is a very stupid idea, esp. when they are letting the money go to banks, who put it in property. Its totally useless, failed, as a policy.

Ditto the 'investment' bit. A quick bit of more regulation on LL and banning mortgages for over 65 and/or setting higher rates/deposits for older investors - or commercial rates, would fix this lunacy.





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