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Did you go to University?

Did you go to university?  

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  1. 1. Did you go to university?

    • No
    • Yes
    • Oxbridge ( i am one of the elite you plebs)

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Chemistry at Warwick, where a load of old farts told me that the mainstay of the British chemical industry was paint manufacture and there was no money in pharmaceuticals.


Medicine at Cambridge, where a few people taught me properly.

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Yes I went to university, majoring in Economics (but option courses included all sorts of things).

It wasn't at Oxford or Cambridge.  But your comment "Oxbridge ( i am one of the elite you plebs)" is utterly unnecessary.

I work with lots of people who went to Oxford or Cambridge.  They are very clever.  They are very good at their jobs.  They undoubtedly deserved to be educated at the UK's top universities.  They are not elitist.  

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23 minutes ago, chronyx said:

No i was sick of being skint and just wanted to earn some money

Good call......earning money and saving from say age 16......start ten years later however highly educated got some  catching up to do....start earlier finish earlier......40 years full time work from 16 = 56......a mortgage should only last for 25 years.;)

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I voted 'no' but I attended the local college, I'd never had got into Uni. Despite the poor A level grades I got I still managed to secure a place on the BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business and Personnel (2 year course). This was in the last year of John Major's Premiership so a couple of years before tuition fees kicked in meaning that I could claim for the student grant. :)

Had tuition fees came in earlier then I would have just gone jobhunting at age 18.

The job I'm now doing only requires some decent GCSE passes. :rolleyes:

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Computer Science and Maths at Newcastle.

Then, after 2 years at work,  a OU Maths wit h all statistics mods.

I was planning on working my waythru the stats books by myself but the company offered my free funding and I could not think what else to do, so rather than waste it I did an OU degree. The other course on offer - MBA - I looked at and could see it was bolloxs. A - I was too young. B - MBAs are really not that useful unless you go to the top business schools, and thats only to build up your contacts.

I pitched the OU stats as a way of focusing on QA and all that.







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Idally; ,when what I was plannign to do at 16 fell thru. And my 2nd + 3rd choice too, Id have liked to have done an industrial apprentice - day release ONC, night release HND, then 3 years degree. All funded by the employee over a ~10 year period.

At mate was able to swing a job down the (potash) mine - his Dad worked there. He did this. He had a mining degree degree by 30. And a paid off house and car and kids.

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