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Anyone else been looking at the Staffordshire area.

Am looking at the Staffs ( Stoke & Stone) / Shropshire ( Whitchurch ) & Cheshire East ( Crewe & Nantwich) areas.

Stoke seems to have gone a bit daft in the last two years, you can buy a cheap terrace but anything with a garden they want daft money for.

Friend went to view a cottage as a cash buyer and as soon as he pointed out any flaws to the EA they & vendor started ignoring him as he 'wouldn't give full asking' and they said he was negative. He got a valuer he knows to give him an estimate based off own photos and it was 20k less than on for! 

I'm starting to thinkthings have got so far out of reality nobody knows what true value is anymore.

Anyone got any good news as losing hope.

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I live in Staffordshire and bought about a year ago, so I feel your pain. Prices did seem to shoot up a couple of years ago, which was really annoying because I'd just returned to my home area after fleeing the insanity down south, only for it to apparently follow me ?

Plenty of times we offered 5-10% off houses that were way more than they would have been only twelve months earlier, only to be told they had asking price or above offers. We were naturally sceptical, but the sales records unfortunately back that up.

Things do seem to have ground to a halt recently, but asking prices remain high. There are a few houses that do appear to be struggling to sell at slightly below peak prices though, so maybe something is afoot. Or perhaps there are just hidden issues with them.

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Yep I have watched things accelerate since '09 and just as got a decent deposit together in '15 it went bananas.

I just don't understand it and am now standing still. I can put 10k away a year and each year it seems like they want 15k more for the same rubbish - especially in Sam Makepeace where my two dealings have been blank responses to basic questions on a viewing and a feeling they are doing you a favour letting you in to see a house.

Where I rented before went on sale for 250k needing new roof and boiler. Went sold then fell through, back up now at 265k after 6 months wtf! Old Landlord changed selling agent and spoke to him last month - said it was undervalued and people buying couldn't get finance together, MiP was fine but couldn't get mortgage when push came to shove. He thinks he's a winner as new agent wanted to say 270k - for hanging on 6 months!

I just don't get it. Just glad I'm well travelled even if been frugal as I'd hate to have just saved to be screwed over like this.

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