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What is this?

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Considering moving house.

This is outside the perimeter fence of the property I’m interested in. 


What is it?

Something electrical obvs ... the coils unnerve me a bit, they’re going to increase the charge....

Still is it harmful? 

To adults? To kids?


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its a transformers that step down the voltage to household voltage. They appear all over the country. No I dont believe they cause any harm apart from being somewhat unsightly. 

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Converting 33kv to 11kv for domestic use. Certainly wouldn't put me off buying a house. Doesn't look like it's on the property otherwise you can get a wayleaves payment for it 

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Thanks guys, that’s very reassuring. And agreed they are a bit unsightly. 

Any thoughts on this point. This pole is immediately outside the perimeter fence of the property.... It’s a new build, is there any chance that the developer has a bit more land but cut the garden short because of the pole? He’s have staggered the pole around it in that case, wouldn’t he? 

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