Worries over housing spread to the boardrooms of British businesses https://www.propertyindustryeye.com/worries-over-housing-spread-to-the-boardrooms-of-british-businesses/ Three-quarters of business leaders believe that the housing market is having a negative impact. Over half (55%) say that they have lost staff because employees either cannot afford to live in the area or are unwilling to commute. Almost three-quarters (73%) of the 1,000 executives and business owners polled by Strutt & Parker say they are struggling to recruit because of local high housing costs. The same number would consider relocating to a cheaper area. Others (71%) would consider investing in housing for their staff, and some are already actively doing so. The businesses say that the cost of housing has had three major effects on them – it has forced them to pay higher wages, resulted in a lack of skilled workers, and slowed their expansion. Strutt & Parker also found that housing costs are a deciding factor when it comes to employees deciding whether or not to accept a new job, with 85% saying that it is a critical issue.   PS - The comment at the bottom of the article is laughable