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This is News???

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Not only is it deemed 'news' it gets to be on the front page of the BBC NEWS website - viewed internationally.


EVEN IF this individual 100% genuinely was subjected to an interview of a nature that any fair minded person would rule to be deliberately intimidating and humiliating it still, in my mind, does not deserve the spot it was given - even on a so called 'quiet news day'.

When I started to read I immediately assumed it was going to be yet another allegation of gender bias related story.  But as best I can see there is no mention of any thing like this.  The closest the lady in question comes to this is in claiming she was asked questions of a personal nature, without illuminating further.  What sort of personal?  Does she have a boyfriend? OR what are your hobbies?  If it was anything like the former we can safely assume the BBC, never mind her, would be screaming about this.

Dear Auntie Beeb, seriously!?  On any one day of the week there must be thousands of people going through the horrible process of being interviewed in person for a job - and having a tough time of it.

Either this person is seeking her 10 minutes of fame or, if she is representative of her age group, then I am aghast at how thin skinned people have become.

In the absence of even an allegation of some genuine 'crossing the line' by the interviewer my immediate only reaction to this persons experience is that I just don't care. Or maybe I'm just a heartless sod having a grumpier day than normal......

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