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Are we seeing a global crash starting?

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The UK market may be about to show YoY falls, but some markets are already ahead of us:

Canada -4.8% YoY December


New Zealand, with Auckland now going into reverse:


Australia down 4.1% last year:


The US is slowing:


China is slowing, albeit from insane levels


Some exceptions for sure though with Germany doing very well, which seems strange given it is about to head into recession. Given we live in a global economy, and that a fair percentage of real estate is traded by international investors, it would not be surprising to see a global crash. The stock markets work as one, so why not the property markets?

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Yeah I dont see why they cant all go down together. After all, all those countries have basically the same policies as each other so will all have the same property inflating flaws.

Regarding Germany though, isnt the market somewhat different there? Isnt it highly regulated and rent controlled and the vast majority of people rent or something? I could see that one being different.

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There was talk of a commonwealth housing bubble a year or 2 ago. I think it is more global though. Carney & co have used Brexit as an excuse to beat up sterling so UK house prices have gone down relative to other currencies.

We'll probably see other central banks and governments attempting the same once they realise their bubbles are doomed. Hopefully it won't work since we are already maxed out with debt.

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