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The new genre of money diary seems to be a popular option these days (good clickbait I suppose). 




Name: Lisa Johnson
Age: 41
Occupation: Business coach and wedding planner
Salary: £80,000 between her and her husband

I grew up in a council house and we didn’t have much, so my money mindset was quite poor. I didn’t know anyone that had much money. I didn’t go to college or university; no one around me did. Instead I found a junior office job and worked my way up.


Now the revenue is about £300,000 to £500,000 a year but I spend most of it investing in myself and my company. I learn everything I can – I take Instagram and marketing courses, I have coaches – some costing as much as £30,000, and the rest goes on marketing. This year I spent £80,000 on coaching and self-improvement. From the business, I pay myself and my husband a salary of about £80,000.

As a result I spend more time travelling. During the summer, we took eight weeks off to travel around Europe with the kids. We visited Portugal, Malta, France and Italy. We probably spend at least £2,000 a month on travel, sometimes more. In the summer we took a holiday on the biggest cruise ship in the world, and that set us back £10,000. We’ve visited 70 hotels across nine countries in the past 12 months.

Some stays are gifted because of my social media following but most of the time we pay for it ourselves. We’ve just booked to go to Disneyland Florida. We don’t have expensive things – we have cars, but they’re not flashy. I just care about experiences.

Six months ago we sold our house in Surrey and moved to Hertfordshire. We pay about £1,500 to rent a four-bedroom property in a tiny village. We have a big office and are able to work from home. We don’t plan to buy a place for ourselves. I want to be a free spirit – I like to move a lot. Instead, we’ll find a buy-to-let and invest in that.

My husband organises all the food shopping and spends about £80 a week for the four of us. He’ll look at the best deals – I’m not like that at all. Our bills, which include Sky, come to about £800 a month.

What we don’t do is save. Because I come from a humble background and never had any money, I am a real believer in living in the moment. But this year I realise I need to start saving. I don’t have a pension either, so I need to sort out some investing.


1. Cruise ships = vomiting virus + pollution https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/may/21/the-worlds-largest-cruise-ship-and-its-supersized-pollution-problem

2. Oh good. Another landlord. 

3. Lucky to have married a sensible chap.

4. I'm from a humble background and my parents absolutely led by example on saving. Any spare money always got ferreted away. 




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Investing in myself and the company ... dinners out and new boobs?

About 60% of the wimmin i know who get married and pop a kid out become something to do with weddings - planners, big LOVE led lights, rustic theme etc etc etc.

It just goes to show how enterprising brit wimmin are. There is nothing connected to tax credit makeupabusiness at all.

Im struggling to square this living large with a hubby who only spends 80/w on food for a family of 4. They must like the discount bin at lidl...

Right im off to google her . I may be some time....

I should add, before i look, i dont believe a word of her story. Ive heard coked up loons with a more credible tale.

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Yeah. None of it adds up.

I cant get her age, timeframe and linkin to add up.

Shes, err, fibbing.

Coaching seems to be someting wimmin on tax credits do - talk about working.


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No savings but wants to get into buy to leach.  Translation: Rubbish at saving but has been to a property seminar and fed the "passive income" dream. 

Looking at her website, more specifically the testimonials from clients broken down as follows. 

- Professional stylist (Her client list was actually fairly impressive)
- Wedding planner 
- Wedding venue consultant (for venue owner)
- Publicity coaching/PR for female entrepreneurs
- Copywriting for the wedding industry
- Wedding florist
- Branding for weddings  

I started writing this post on the attack but she does appear to at least have real clients, I've been to many business networking groups/expo's full of charlatan coaches so I have to give her credit for the clients she has + her ability to get her adverts as an article in the guardian.  

On the other hand I detest these kind of businesses that are effectively just selling to each other. My bitterness is part jealousy, I picked refurbishing/selling physical products over being a woo woo zen lifecoach. 

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