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Mandela effect

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For those that don't know the Mandela effect describes the phenomenon of people remembering things being different in the past. People are so sure of their memories that they believe something has happened to subtly change the world. For example, there's a robot in the original Star Wars movie called C3P0. Most people remember him as being gold. In reality  one of his legs is silver. Many people have seen the move many times and are completely convinced the robot used to be gold. But when they check they find he has always had a silver leg.

Other examples include

- Forrest Gump saying 'Life was like a box of chocolates'. Most people remember him saying 'Life is like a box of chocolates.'

- People remember Isaiah 11:6  saying ' The lion will lie down with the lamb'. The bible now says the wolf will lie down with the lamb.

-The ford logo has changed.

- People remember kit-kat having a - between the kit and the kat. It doesn't. It is simply kitkat and always has been.

- The Volvo badge now has an arrow on it.

- People remember the witch in Snow White saying ' mirror, mirror on the wall...'. She actually says 'Magic mirror on the wall.

- The Statue of Liberty used to be on Ellis Island. It's now on Liberty Island. People have no memory of the German terrorist attack on the statue in 1916.There are loads more.

- The move They Live! is now simply called They Live, without the exclamation mark.

Anybody here experienced a Mandela effect?

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I have heard an explanation that as memories age the brain remembers the emotional impact of the event rather than tiny detail.  C3POs leg is irrelevant compared to the overall wow factor of the films at the time.  

It's more of an issue with eye witnesses giving statements.

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Also C3PO's leg isnt' that different from the rest of him, it's more a case of never noticing than mis-remembering. Some others (like "mirror mirror") are probably down to it being so generally quoted that people know it anyway, hearing that fairly often whilst they may have seen the film once when they were a child.

It does happen though. I was re-reading a book once and kept thinking "isn't it time so-and-so did such-and-such" and it never happened. There were quite a few other parts of it that I had completely forgotten too

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