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Swindon Area: Suggestions of area from your experience


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Bit of a dilemma, as we liked the North Swindon area and houses are quite good.   Please find my analysis, but would like to see if anyone can add it to the list.

1.  north of "ThamesDown Drive" (Redhouse, St. Andrew etc) are quite good houses and nice area to live. But travel to Railway station in peak about 35-40mins in the morning !! So london travel is horrible.

2. South of Thamesdown Drive,  within North Swindon (Abbey meads, Haydon End, Taw Hill). Seems good. But time to Station and Centre is still bad and  prices are higher by 20-30K from north of Thamesdown which makes it north worth sometimes

3. East Swindon -. (dorcan/Covingham/Stratton) => Area has quite higher rate of crime etc as per StreetCheck.  Interesting area imo from a travel perspective, but the area doesn't look modern

4.  South Swindon/Wroughton/Devizes route => Interesting area. Higher prices of houses and selection is less

5.  New Town and central Swindon => Horrible place.  Runway..

6. West Swindon => Still a mystery for me. Some people say it is good, some say it is for older generation and not worth it.  Hopefully more of HPC members can enlighten?

7. Old Town => Very strategic location .But tremendously overpriced. North worth money

if you can please give other options/view/postcode for me to look into, that would be very kind.

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West isn't bad. Some good shops and handy for Lydiard Park. As long as you avoid the bad areas, it may be worth aiming for either something near Lydiard or Coate as the two attractions.

Otherwise a heck of a lot of 80s/90s suburgatory and not a lot of reason to pick one over another.

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