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windows laptop & external drives

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I have a windows laptop, with a powered usb hub connected. I then have a powered external hard drive and an un-powered external hard drive connected to the usb hub.

The external drives seem to go to sleep no problem after a while (I have set the timings in windows settings) when the laptop is connected. However when I disconnect the laptop, or it sleeps .... the hard drives seem to stay on ad infinitum. I'm sure I didn't have this problem previously when they were connected to a desktop computer. Is it the powered usb hub confusing them?!??!

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"Is it the powered usb hub confusing them?!??!"

I think so.

When the laptop is asleep the powered USB Hub does not receive commands from the host (windows machine)/ Makes sense to me that it would continue to operate in the state it was at when the host went to sleep (at least *that* powered hub appears to do so).

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