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French 10 year bond yield is 0.69%

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Anyone else think this is insane?


Macron just had 2 rounds of doling out money, probably a few more rounds needed as he wants to keep his job, and "legacy".


French debt to GDP worse than UK, and soon to be worse than Spain.


Obviously we have been giving the PIIGS a good kicking for years, but has a big pile off French Caca been building while our eyes have been averted?


Why aren't more people talking about this?


Shouldn't the French 10 year be 5% at the very minimum?

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1 hour ago, honkydonkey said:

Mexico’s 100 year bond trades at 5.5%. 

2008 is still affecting bond prices across the globe. Nothing is normal. 

I know everything is crazy, but it is relative.  I would actually say Mexico has better long term prospects than France (that is not a joke btw)

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