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NHS Struggling again this Winter

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We all know what a shit show the NHS was last winter and it seems like we are in for a repeat of that. I've had a few serious health problems for the past few years and so spend a considerable amount of time in and out of Clinics and Hospitals. Last year all was fine up until about mid December but I've had 2 appointments this past week and had to wait an extra 3 hours each time due to the place being flooded with people. I've also been on a waiting list for a Kidney Stone removal surgery after 2 failed Lithotripsy procedures as well as Keyhole Surgery for a Hernia. Well the Kidney surgery date has been postponed from November 27th until January 8th although this date is not concrete they say. The Hernia Surgery was scheduled for December 12th but has been cancelled and I am back on the waiting list without a set date for the surgery. The consultant I saw says hopefully they will get me in sometime around April or May next year. Needless to say I am not happy although I understand the strain the NHS are under. I've been trying to get these conditions sorted for almost 4 years now and things just keep getting postponed. 3 years to get a final correct diagnosis of my problems, 8 months to get the Lithotripsy and now at least an extra 4 months to get the Keyhole surgery for the failed Lithotripsy procedures. The Hernia has reached a point where I cannot wear a belt anymore because of the pain, I can't even walk properly anymore without pumping myself full of painkillers 30 minutes beforehand. I'm just sick of all this, I pay through the nose in taxes and feel let down by the system. What annoys me even more is when I go to A&E/Emergency Care and half the people there are drunks and junkies who probably pay nothing into the system and abuse the services regularly. Another quarter of people there have a cold or a migraine and could sort themselves out with an 39p pack of Paracetamol and a day or two of rest.

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I can recommend the British hernia centre (the Linda wing) from someone I know over 70 who has used them. Go private. For kidney stones you could look into Apple cider vinegar.

I don’t trust medicine. Once I had an acute hydrocele and both the NHS and private wanted to do a jaboulay procedure (surgery), despite Lord’s plication being less invasive and better. Either way I decided not to allow anyone to cut into my tunica vaginalis, particularly after a Japanese medical discovery of lymphatic stomata in its perietal layer. The hydrocele is gone now, via the lymphatic system.

At the time I didn’t mention any of that to the consultant I could tell they wouldn’t have been up to date. It’s all there on the internet like the journal of ultra sound etc.

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