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Saving For a Space Ship

First ever plane with no moving parts takes flight

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Hardly news.

He just built the thing outta materials so light he gets sufficient Bernoulli to keep the thing aloft.

Now all he needs to do is figure out how to make a human that light. From today's news, he'd do well if he could just stop 'em getting heavier!

Incidentally dontcha just ove this bit of spin:


thrust-to-power ratio comparable to that achieved by conventional systems such as jet engines.

My guess is at least half the public reading that see: "this is as powerful as a jet engine!"

Er, no.

That's just a measure of efficiency. You still need the "power", and that currently comes from an on-board aviation-fuel-pwered 'generator', actually integral to drive chain.

So how to replace that and all the weight that constitutes.

Don't tell me: Li-ion batteries, right? Sadly, for the same energy, Li-ion batteries weigh 100 times that of petrol. That's gonna take a whole load of Bernoulli lift, just to keep the batteries in the air.

Those passengers better start dieting right now!

Let's face it, this drive chain, if it ever makes it into production, will be carrying just more high-alt snooping equipment. Then you've gotta wonder what cosmic rays and cloud charge-separation will do to its ability to stay aloft ...

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