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The Prime Minister stated that there were three Brexit options available to the UK:

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The Prime Minister stated that there were three Brexit options available to the UK:  

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  1. 1. Which of the Prime Minister's options would you choose?

    • Leave with the negotiated deal
    • Remain
    • Leave with no deal

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" in the SAME THREAD that has a link to the different amount of monies paid in by each member of the EU?

Nothing like the same thing. There are HUGE transfers of govt money between regions in any country. As pointed out earlier payments too/from the EU, especially net, are a relatively small proportion of GDP. If the EU had a proper central government (as it should) with powers to tax and spend that would be different.



What do you think returns on gilts/bonds would need to be if we walk away from the EU without making the payments we had agreed?

Without a deal we have not agreed that huge payment. There is zero risk in any plausible scenario of the UK defaulting on sterling bonds so there is no reason anything would affect rates.


Because it was planned remainers unwilling to contemplate a real Brexit.

So why has May got a nominal Brexit deal? Because its what she wanted - Brexit that was as close to Remain as possible.



What is this, "it will be worse for Ireland"? So what? The Eire GDP growth is stellar compared to the UK's, they are in a FAR better position to weather Brexit even before you factor in possible EU grants! 

Eire's GDP growth needs to be taken with a pinch of salt because a huge chunk is foreign companies funnelling money through Ireland for tax purposes. Then there is bounce back after the crash.

Has the EU promised any grants? I do not think it even has a mechanism for grants on that scale except Greece style rescue packages which are painful because they demand extreme austerity as penance.

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@AThirdWay if you are going to quite the LSE Brexit blgo as a source about economic consequences, rather than linking to an article written by two trainee German lawyers you could read some of those written by actual eonomists:



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I fear Brexiters will be letting another opportunity go to waste due to simply failing to read the situation.. The 2017 elections were the first mistake .. Brexiters thought Brexit was in the bag and because Labour was also campaigning on the Brexit platform, did not give the Prime Minister the backing that she would need to negotiate from a position of strength.

Brexiter mistake no 1  -  You arent out till you are out .. Brexiters should have given the PM a thumping majority (but they didnt)

There is no Brexit deal that does not involve compromise or that will appeal to all. Here we are with the electorate failing to grasp politics at play .. 

Once we are out, things can change further ... if Brexiters miss this opportunity and do not back the PM once again, there is no better deal waiting round the corner.. The only possible deal will be a no-deal .. while some brexiters may want this, there wont be a majority who support it

Slowly slowly catchy monkey.. support the PM, make sure we are out and then change things further ..

If the PMs deal isnt backed, the only practical option would be the continuation of the status quo and never ending 'negotiations'

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On 23/11/2018 at 12:47, Errol said:

The people still asking for Brexit are clearly under mind control from enemy forces.

This thread needs input from the British propaganda unit!


Inside The British Army's Secret Information Warfare Machine

They are soldiers, but the 77th Brigade edit videos, record podcasts and write viral posts. Welcome to the age of information warfare...

“A document will come from the Ministry of Defence that will have broad guidance and themes to follow.” 


I no longer believe the media, i have stopped watching TV, the weird thing is that i have now come to the conclusion that goverments have been doing this forever.

The only brainwashing i accept is corrie, but i see state sponsored ideas.

Even in countries not all the brain wasing is controlled from one source.

We have educated inteligent powerful people on both sides of the brexit sequence.

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57% voting for no deal!!

Either you guys are trolling or you really don't understand what leaving without a deal would mean. Imports and exports would stop overnight, a small trickle might get through but to all intents and purposes all the ports might as well be closed. The effect on the food and manufacturing industry would be catastrophic.

In reality what would happen is a flurry of deal making in the weeks afterwards during which yes, deals would be struck - but how bad do you think those deals would be? given the little that May has managed in 2 years, what chance of anything better happening in a matter of weeks - it aint going to be pretty - we would be sold down the river just to get industry moving again.

The closest we have to a genuine 'No Deal' is to cancel May's deal and cancel Article 50 remaining in the EU,  I don't like it any more than anyone else but at this junction remain is the only realistic option left on the table.

Perhaps in the future someone can try Brexit again with a political party behind it and a fully worked out proposal, other than that I think Brexit is dead in the water. A No Deal Brexit can't and won't be delivered.

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