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Boomer mentality is rife...

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I know this is a rubbish paper... And this might not be a genuine letter... But demonstrates how someone believes you genuinely can't just give it away. 

T'is my pension innit. 

Or maybe it is a reporter at the Guarniad who has finally given up trying to get sensible analysis written and printed and is now just channeling Dilbert-for-the-retired?

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50 minutes ago, happyguy said:

I see no problem with a person who can afford it giving a kid a home.  

Absolutely fine, yes.

My point was it is (at least alleged) that someone thought the only way they could do this was to sell it to them.

If something is mine I can give it to anyone (otherwise it isn't really mine).

But somehow, to some people, at least allegedly, "bricks'n'mortar" is somehow "More" mine that I can't just give it away.

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