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Still crazy - invest in hotel rooms

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1 hour ago, Si1 said:

The underlying company doesn't seem to have a very healthy balance sheet. If you check it out on co house.




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If only there was a more straightforward way to invest in, by example, a hotel company, without the complexity of owning a whole room , and you'd just receive dividends, say, annually, on your 'shares' in the organisation.

You could actually call it 'shares' too. Nah, buy a hotel room instead in some hairbrained property scheme to show what a genius you are.


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What surprised me is why the FSA dont shut these scams down.

Unregulated investments that bend backward to avoid security rules - hotel rooms, whisky casks, ostriches. etc etc

Im not sure if there is a valid legal/sane way of making these investments.

Maybe all thats need is a message on buyer beware - insist blurb comes with a big red warning sign on the front.

Every now and then I do come across FOAF who's parents have 'invested' in one of these scams.


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