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Change of law so that anyone can legally change their sex on their own say so

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This clip encapsulates the extreme Far Left and their insistence on transgendered women being 100% woman:

Transgender women were only deemed female due to politeness (which has since tipped over into dangerously uncritical, mullish ideology). 

They're still fundamentally biologically male, with their female attributes artificially grafted upon them, to help balance out their gender identity disorder.

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On ‎20‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 11:20, Sour Mash said:

Social Justice' has co-opted the traditional left.

Where once the left was about better conditions for working class people, now it's all about 'equity' for 'oppressed minorities' - ie. identity politics.  As long as you are not a white man, you are clearly a member of some oppressed group and should be getting something for nothing to compensate you.

You are absolutely right. But with this ideology, someone can jump from 'oppressor' to 'oppressed' by saying that they are one. Instead of membership of the group being based on objective criteria so material inequalities can be addressed, membership of the 'oppressed' group is dependant on how the individual feels on the inside. It's only allowed for sex/gender, not anything else (as yet!). I supposed they have created a new oppressed group - people whose inner sense of their own sex doesn't match how they are perceived by others. I can't quite believe that major institutions are all nodding along, and government is giving grants to influence and lobby to write this in to laws and policies.

On ‎19‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 14:57, PeanutButter said:

But surely there's a duty of care for the NHS to support any and all medication,  surgery & therapy to ensure that individuals aren't negatively affected by presenting one way and feeling another?

Yes you are right for people who are suffering - and the 4000% increase will impact the nhs provision which must be swamped. I meant that the way trans rights are currently being argued for (ie legal self id) doesn't add new costs in itself. Trans women are women even if they love their male body. And a new lexicon is being created to articulate it - a ***** is female anatomy if it is owned by a trans woman etc etc. So this new way of arguing for rights won't cost the nhs. But in my view by de-medicalising the whole issue it harms people who really do need the medical support. 

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