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Big-city capitalism buys our way back to the quiet rural life  

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Big-city capitalism buys our way back to the quiet rural life  



...Humans need to explore this mode of living if we are to continue catapulting down this materialistic path. When we wind up with a global population of 9 billion, where everybody has two cars and a four-bedroom house, there’s no other way of arranging the pieces. There isn’t enough metal in the earth, never mind enough money.

We’re therefore at a dead end. Inequality is here to stay. But inequality doesn’t have to mean abject poverty. These rural communities will have access to self-sufficient peasant agriculture, education by internet, and a standard of living that is roughly what we aspire to have when we get rich and retire—but they’ll be able to achieve it without going through the urban hyper-capitalist phase first.

This notion of rural life will be centered around the bicycle, the solar panel, and the tablet computer instead of the Land Rover, the diesel generator, and the combine harvester. A life of stable self-sufficiency, rather than precarious plenty. If leapfrogging rural communities can manifest an existence that would satisfy the lawyer-turned-faux-farmer, the notion of rural-urban-and-then-back-to-rural migration would reach the end of the cul-de-sac.



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Horses for courses....England is a very small country, nobody is that far away from anywhere, a major town or city is less than an hour or two away.......the digital era means everyone has access to the world without moving anywhere.......but we all still need community, that will become more important again in years to come, both outside and from within.....that article talking about a £30k to £50k pa income to live around fields rather than concrete...where they picked that figure from? pie in the sky......would agree that rual communities becoming more diverse, a good thing, new ideas and innovation moving to new and often better quality of life  places.......life is what you make from it, not everyone likes trees and grass.😉

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