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Short-Term Renting - 3 Months Possible or not?

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We're looking to rent just for a few months when we move to a new area before buying.  I just rang a letting agent to ask if they could do a 3-month contract and they said not - it was a 6-month minimum.  For all I know we might be living there 1 month - I'd be happy to cough up another 2 for their trouble, but not another 5.

I thought it was a reasonable request.  Ideally I'd like 3 months followed by monthly renewing, but it seems that landlords and agents are the only ones that get any flexibility in this broken country.

Is the answer I got generally the case, would I be wasting my time by asking any more agents?

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I think I've answered my own question - we'll be out of holiday season and in a holiday area so there are loads of cheap caravans and chalets to rent by the day with discounts for longer periods - I've seen some at £500+/month, better quality is a bit more.  So we'll be renting somewhere to live without any of the following...

  • Credit check fees
  • Deposit
  • Application fees
  • Check out inspection fees
  • Keeping chunks of the deposit for made-up reasons
  • No this, that or the other rules
  • Inspections
  • Being treated like a 2nd rate citizen

The only downside is that we won't have an address.  No big deal, we'll just officially live with one or the other lot of parents, just for paperwork purposes.

I'm now looking forward to an adventure instead of dreading having to deal with parasite agents.

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Hope your adventure goes well. We tried a similar thing but it went badly for us. 

In our target area there are also short term rents but these tend to be in serviced apartments. During normal business months (i.e. those out of the holiday season) these can be booked up well in advance. Even finding a room or flat through AirBNB is hard and expensive

We ended up in a serviced apartment and got stuck there. It was a bad choice for us and a 6 month lease on somewhere we were comfortable in would have been better. The agent refused to give us access to the mail box so hard to get our mail. We couldn't register with a doctor locally. Using a parents address wouldn't have worked for me as they wanted council tax bills. No landland or proper broadband / WIFI made house hunting harder. 

The reason it didn't work well for us because it took so long to try and buy a house and we got totally shafted. We found one we liked, put in an offer, were accepted and then we were thoroughly mucked around by the sellers. They drew out the proceedings for months and knew we were in temporary accommodation.   In the end they pulled out of the sale at the last minute and asked us to pay extra for the house. We declined and it went back on the market.

By the time we had been through all of this the asking prices had gone up in our target area. 

In the meantime we had survived without our belongings in a temporary cramped apartment with the many conveniences of not being at a stable fixed address. I ended up being diagnosed with cancer and there was complications with medical care as I had to move GP etc.

We're heading for the winter and I wouldn't fancy a caravan right now. 

I do sincerely hope your adventure goes better than ours. It really should NOT be this hard to find somewhere to live.


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Daughter was in the same position a few years ago - new job in Oxford and hoping to buy, but short term rentals were very scarce and in any case terribly expensive, a lot more than the usual 6 months plus.   She and future husband ended up renting just a spare room in someone's house - obv. not ideal and it was a long commute, but thankfully they found a house and the purchase went through quite quickly.  Should think they were in the spare room for around 3 months, so it was manageable short term. 

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