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Millions of pounds in property wealth destroyed overnight

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Romanian builder goes on the rampage in Hertfordshire with digger, tearing apart new build homes apparently worth 800K a piece (not that they look it).

"He was allegedly laughing and taking pictures as he wreaked havoc on the homes".

A handful of boomers are no doubt having to put their moving plans on hold while awaiting repairs.  If I paid four fifths of a million for a detached house I'd want more than two meters separating me from my neighbours either side.

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11 hours ago, Take Me Back To London! said:

Is that right, one pays £800,000 for a new house and it is still timber framed, ply board, breeze blocks, tin foil and a few real bricks for window dressing?

It is the land that costs £785,000......decided to c̶a̶s̶h̶  crash it in.;)

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Good grief, I hope they have more bacofoil and plywood in stock at the local B&Q. The design is a slight improvement on the bungaloids of the 60s and 70s but really, 800, 000 😕

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1 hour ago, GreenDevil said:

What is it the three little pigs. If you buikd out if wood and straw what do you expect? 

Congrats daniel. Job well done.

And I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll DIGGER your house down


Bit of gaffer tape and it'll buff right out.

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12 minutes ago, Freki said:

To be honest, he did not destroyed 800k a house, he destroyed 100k, the 700k left is the land it sits on

You've got it. The kingspan/celotex probably cost more than the ply and bricks put together

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3 hours ago, stop_the_craziness said:

When I saw the headline on the story I wondered HOW you could destroy a house with just a digger.  Then I saw the houses.  I think he did the potential owners a massive favour there, those houses were shockingly poor.  

To be fair I imagine you could do a far amount of damage to just about any house from any time short of a castle by whacking it with a digger.

Agree that they look shockingly rubbish though, but are any newbuilds much different? It's called "progress".

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