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Well the local newspaper has been spouting on about how house prices will rise in Swindon.

Now, I like to keep a track of any houses that I find "interesting" - not for a potential purchase, but because I like to see how fast they sell. My views is that numerous houses are being reduced in the last year or so. One near me came on over a year ago at 675, it since has been reduced 3 times and now down to 600K it has sold (probably for less).

With so much building going on (and lack of infrastructure, including hospital, doctor surgeries and schools), prices aren't going anywhere north in my opinion.

(for the record I am a homeowner)

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I was looking at the lower end of the market, the Victorian terraces were over £200k in various places outside of the old town centre (which fetches a perceived ‘quality area’ premium) a couple of years back, they have generally slid to around £170k and lower.
Quite a few 2 up/2 downs in West Swindon for under £200k too, which was starting to look a rare occurrence back then too.

Definitely a bit of a correction going on. Edit to say I think it's BTL leaving en masse.

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Maffo, the 4 (and to a lesser extent) 3 bedders are coming down. A 4 bedroom house in a decent area are coming in at around £315K now. Some can be had in a slightly lesser desirable place for £285K

Obviously this time of the year there is more competition too.

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