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The way of the woodcock .....

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Coventry BS facebook ad. Pushing its savings rates.

'With the widest vision of any bird ..... A woodcock has the clearest view...'

Cant post the FB ad. Shame as it cracks me.

'Imagine seeing as a bird could, we'd have a completely new perspective. At Coventry Building Society, that's what we give you'

Interesting change.

No BTL for a 100k mortgage on a 150k.

One for 100k mortgage on 200k house.

Max 50% LTV now.

2k fee.

4.7% APR

One weird thing. CBS does not state the BTL is an IO but the repayments imply it.





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Jst comes across as weird.

I guess theyve had a bunch of large spectacled ad types slum it up to Coventry.

You can imagine the pitch:

'OK, weve go the rest of our market feedback in.

The bird most associated with CBS is ....





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