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Heathrow Airport Third Runway

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Heathrow Airport Expansion  

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  1. 1. When do you think the third runway at Heathrow Airport will be completed?

    • 10 years
    • 20 years
    • 40 years
    • Never gonna happen!

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For decades now, the discussion of Heathrow Airport expansion has been on the political agenda. 

Those supporting it say that it will have benefits to the economy. 

Those against it say the demolition of ancient villages is not worth it. 


But what do you think? In this long running debate, do you think this will ever actually happen?

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I think as a project it will be one of the worst run, amd longest running and massively over priced. It will be plagued with contractors going bust, delays on materials and the cost of materials going up substantially. It will be a nightmare, probably definitely 5 years before any form of work starts, maybe 10 years..... 

So many tenders to do and pockets to line before anything happens

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Is it supposed to address a fundamental shortcoming or is it just another step in the ever-increasing Keeping Up With the Joneses international arms race (not literal arms race)? It's a safe bet the same sort of people calling for this as the solution for all our problems will be in the same position about how inadequate it is and something else is needed in twenty or thirty years' time, ad infinitum.

Exactly the same can be said for almost every development undertaken, so in the long run you just end up with a spread of the downsides and are still at square one when it comes to the supposed improvements.

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18 hours ago, vincent said:

I think after Brexit it is not going to happen, they are running on empty, the business environment has changed.

Hopefully not, and I'm hoping it scuppers that mess HS2 as well but I very much doubt that it will. It wouldn't be so bad if "bull in a china shop" didn't accurately describe everything that gets built these days (why does everything modern have to be so bloody obnoxious?), and if they were at all interested in spending money on ongoing maintenance, but that doesn't shout "look what we're doing!"

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